1. Mountfield III

    Melbourne has it all: free food, free housing, free tiger onesies! Withing two weeks we collected all the winter gear we needed for our little New Zealand trip.

  2. Mountfield II

    It was Lisa’s birthday just after we arrived and we indulged into all the dumpster-doven luxuries that were now available to us for the first time in half a year. But it was also a goodbye, since the pizza and the cake we baked were the last thing to come out of Mountfield’s oven. The gas company took the meter the next day…

  3. Mountfield I

    Our last ride to Melbourne brought us directly to the doorstep of our new home, Mountfield, a squat. The GPS made us stop next to the only one house in the street that looked really run down, so the drivers went on. It took us some time to convince them that we were actually sure that this really was the place we were going to.

  4. Stuart Highway III

    Since there were only a handfull of new vehicles every hour at our gasstation, including the ones just passing our thumbs, I asked everyone, even the two truckdrivers sharing a roadtrain. They turned out to be the owners of that 53m long thing and gave us a lift for another 1000km.

  5. Alice Springs

    Got dropped of in the night, dumpstered some veggies and got offered a place to pitch our tent just when we started searching. Next day they gave us a ride to the gasstation, where the first campervan we asked took us and we enjoyed a relaxing start into the day driving around in bed.

  6. Stuart Highway II

    After the first shocking two days, things started rolling. We made 1000km with a swiss travel journalist who makes a show out of his travelling stories, apparantly filling venues for 3000 people at a ticket price of 30€.

  7. Stuart Highway I

    After hitchhiking in Indonesia for half a year, we needed to relearn that hitchhiking is not all about waving down the first car and then getting invited home. The first 500 of the 3000km we wanted to do this week took us two days, being stuck in Katherine for 24 hours straight. One guy who passed us several times pitied us and brought us beer and a roasted chicken: “You must have been here for ages! Here, have some food and something to drink.”

  8. Darwin

    Getting checked if we had enough money to enter at customs, dumpster diving liters and liters of iced coffee at the gas station, then sleeping at the airport. Welcome to Australia!

  9. Bali II

    It remained interesting until the very last day. We applied for our Australian working holiday visa too late, so we had to apply for the tourist visa, which is an online application which normally gets approved straight away, up to 24 hours max. Except if its the weekend. We applied on Friday, the flight left Monday noon, we got the visa 5 hours before the plane left. Apart from that we had some relaxing last days couchsurfing.

  10. Bali I

    We didn’t get along with our diving teacher in Bangka to well, so one day we just left head over heels to hitch three days non-stop towards Makassar to fetch the ferry that goes only twice a week. Meanwhile we looked for a new diving school and we found one in Bali where we finished our Divemaster in a pool.